Going to Vomit

by the Cloth



Recorded on the cusps of the Springs of 2016 and 2017 with James and Dan at Sex Dungeon Philadelphia (RIP). Available July 4th, 2017.


released July 4, 2017

Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by James, Dan, and the Cloth


all rights reserved



the Cloth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


dually inspired by the proto-sludge of the late 80s and the post-hardcore of the late 90s. brought together by a mutual desire to fast-track the demise of our ears and backs, and play loud music in dark, smoky places

nate, tom, and jake play guitar, bass, and drums, respectively

sean drummed on the '14 tour, kevin drummed on the '15 tour, jamie drummed on the '16 tour.
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Track Name: You're A Winner
In a dream I heard you yell to raise the dead with every bit of strength that you have left. All my friends, they're all still friends. I can't stop the planet just because you don't understand it. Ahead a few small moments, behind you all the rest, counting down the hours that you have left.
Track Name: Kinghit
Take care of your friends when you think that you can, and also take care of yourself. A wake for a friend, or a viewing instead; a funeral for everyone else. Over and over, I've been trying to get out. Over and over, I've been dying to get out. I've been waiting so long.
Track Name: Prayerstarter
Send for a medic, because I've got a headache. I've been under the weather, and I'm not getting better. I feel like i could lose my lunch; I think about that a bunch.
Track Name: Drowning Man
I'm gonna show this town who i am. All you gotta do is put a gun in my hand. People are crazy man. All you gotta do is put a gun in my hand. We're getting played every day. You've been paid in the time we had to waste. All the times that you weren't wrong you put your head right through the wall. Tell me how i've let you down.
Track Name: Passing
There you stood looking out, lights all on in the house. There you stood looking scared, nothing going on upstairs. If I could bring myself to laugh I'd call you a fucking joke; if i could stand to put my hands on you I promise that you'd fucking choke.
Track Name: The Fig
Row, row, down the stream, gently, in your boat; Ha Ha Ha-ha-ha, life's a fucking joke.
Track Name: President Jim Beam
You sell yourself but I see through you. My brain don't work but I see through you. My life is hell but I see through you.

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